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The iPhone Problem & The Solution: Airmail For iOS

I have had an iPhone since the beginning.  I remember waiting in an unprecedented line like an idiot waiting for (what would be) the phone to end all phones.  Many may argue Samsung has done a pretty good job at bouncing back in order to grasp the remaining market share in this cutthroat market of mobile phones.  Come to think of it, mobile phones have always been a cutthroat market.  Remember the Razor?  That’s another discussion, let’s get to the iPhone and Airmail.  As I was saying I was an early adopter of this technology, and at first, the iPhone Mail program was great.  It was unlike any other mail program available on a mobile device.

However, times began to change, technology (app development specifically) hit this exponential curve and Apple chose not to keep up.  Even their OSX Mail client failed to keep up with a very simple demand — a simple, elegant and worry free mail client.  Why has this issue not been addressed from the Apple perspective?  I cannot answer that question, I am a consumer of these technologies, and frankly I don’t want to be in the business of developing mailbox applications.  So I felt stuck.  Stuck in a conundrum that seemingly had no end in sight.  That was before I met Airmail.

At first it was the OSX version.  Such an improvement.  I manage many email addresses and to have such an elegant layout to  manage them all was a huge plus in my book of plusses <– ? Ha.  I have this book.

So I gave Airmail OSX a spin and I loved it dearly.  However, my iPhone was still shackled to this rudimentary handling of email via a buggy and unreliable client.  That was until … Airmail came to iOS.  Oh what a glorious day. My expectations were high, and much to my surprise,  my expectations were met.  I cleared all my email addresses from the clunky iOS Mail program and set up Airmail iOS.  I was amazed by the responsiveness of Airmail for iOS.  The default Mail program on iOS says it will push your email in realtime, but I found myself behind and constantly having to refresh my inbox.  Airmail took care of this for me.  Not only do I not have to refresh my inboxes, I can easily manage a plethora of addresses with ease and the UI is beautiful.  Even the sound of an incoming message is pleasant.

I know and empathize with those reluctant to change, but if you have issues (as many do) with the default mail application on iOS, Airmail is truly a godsend.  There is nothing about this application I can criticize. It is easy to onboard your mail accounts and actually delivers your mail in realtime.  For someone like me who truly depends on realtime communication, I cannot see how I was able to live without it for so long.  I urge you to give this application a spin.  It is by far the best investment I have made in the App Store since the inception of the App Store.  That is a large statement for me considering I have downloaded quite a few apps.  If you have questions or comments post them below or email me here.  I am interested to hear the community’s feedback.


Airmail is available on the iOS App Store and the OSX App Store




I decided to give Airmail another shot yesterday and so far I’m loving version 3. I may or may not keep it on my desktop, but it seriously rocks on iPhone and iPad.

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