Saving Money on Gas

I know who you are. You wait in line with 10 other cars at a gas station to get the lowest possible price per gallon. Let’s face it, gas is really expensive here in the United States, but why wait in line for 10-15 minutes to save 5 cents? The extra time your car has been running and the life you’ve wasted waiting could be used to fill up at the Super Mondo Gas-O station and you’d be on with your life.

Let’s assume the average car has a 15 gallon tank and the price is $2.85/gal. Over at the Super Mondo Gas-O it’s $2.91/gal. If you’re on ‘E’ and the gas light is glowing in your general direction, you’ve saved a whopping 90 cents — not even a whole dollar. All those U-turn you made to find the cheapest gas has just wasted 10 minutes of your life that you cannot get back. Is your life worth $0.90?

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