Developing With Swift On Linux

swift on linux

This Is How To Set Up Swift On Linux

1. Installing Swift

If you are interested (as I was) to give Apple’s new programming language, Swift a try, and you are using Linux, then this guide is for you.  I will go over the basics to getting the open-source code for swift installed on your computer, and then walk you through the basics of using Swift to write code, build and test all within Linux.  It should be noted however that compiling software for iOS and other proprietary platforms is unsupported on Linux and requires XCode on a Mac computer, but you may begin writing source code that can be compiled for these devices on a Mac machine.

To get up and running on Linux you will need a few things configured in your environment in order to seemlesly run Swift and its components.  The first of which is a proper text editor.  I reccomend Atom.  This is where you will be writing your code.  You can also use terminal editors such as nano or vim.

If you are unfamilar with the Swift syntax and coding conventions, it is essential that you enroll in some sort of tutorial to get started, but since you are interested in developing on Swift, I am assuming that you are somewhat familiar with the language.

Now it is time to set up your environment.

Now you can play around with Swift.



To really take advantage of this obviously you need to know Swift, but this is the first way to develop source code for iOS and Mac apps on Linux, although you still need a Mac to do anything useful with your code.

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