To The Cloud! Adopting Online Storage

Microsoft SkyDrive

I’m still old school, which means that I haven’t fully embraced “the cloud” like most everyone else has. I’m still used to my data being backed up right next to me on a humming external USB drive. After playing around with Google Drive’s free offering, I noticed that Microsoft who I’ve had an MSN/Live account with for many years would not only let me use their rival solution SkyDrive but since my account was aged they’d let me upgrade to a free 25GB of online cloud storage. How could I say no? I currently have both Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive installed on my computer (and Google Drive on my Android phone). I’m not sure which is better but if I ever really decide to use cloud storage for something useful I’ll want as much space as I can get and my loyalty will go to whoever gives me the most space for the cheapest price. I’m finding myself having to invent reasons to use cloud storage.

This may change in the future but for right now I’ll stick to my hard drives. If I want to put something online I want everyone to see it. I don’t want everyone to see my hard drive and don’t relate the two. I imagined cloud storage being more popular than it is today. We’ll see what the future holds as I order another external hard drive…

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